Universal ID Card is all-in-one solution for AUCA Community. AUCA presents a distinctive multifunctional AUCA-branded access card called The Universal ID Card that combines the concepts Identity, Access and Banking.

Functions of UIDC. Each ID card is VISA-based and is linked to the personal account of the cardholder. UIDC features multi-purpose e-wallets that can be used within the campus as well as outside.

Tuition payment. The tuition at AUCA shall be paid by deposit of monetary funds into the account of the Student ID-card and direct withdrawal of these funds by the bank and further transfer to the account of the University in accordance with the payment option in your Study Agreement. Tuition shall be paid in the national currency of Kyrgyz Republic at the rate set by National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic on the date of direct withdrawal. 

There are 2 options of tuition payment:

  1. by one installment for the whole academic year prior to the beginning of the lessons,
  2. monthly by equal payments in accordance with the schedule set in your Study Agreement*.

*If the Student pays by one installment for the whole academic year prior to the beginning of the lessons, and if payment amount is more than 500 US dollars, a 5%-discount is provided for undergraduate and preparatory students with a full load. 

Authentification and Identity. Each ID card has an RFID transponder that contains a unique personal number bound to the cardholder, used to determine his/her eligibility for access to particular places. The information is linked to SAP system; thus, it is always synchronized real- time and relevant. With the contactless ID card the system ensures that when required, only valid students and personnel are allowed into the campus.

Shared Service Center. With the Universal ID Card and electronic service desk queuing application, services at AUCA become systematized and ordered letting clients (student, faculty, and staff) keep track of their requests and their service turn. Simply wave your card at the terminal, enter your request, and get your ticket, which can be either in the form of an SMS or an email to your auca registered email.

Canteen Services. In addition to not needing to carry cash and wait for your change at the canteens, the cashless initiative enforced at AUCA is aimed at getting rid of any form or perception of corruption. With the Universal ID Card, each transaction is transparent, registered, and checked. Moreover, there is no need to carry unnecessary amounts of cash in the campus, reducing thus the occurrence of theft (as experienced in the old campus).

Library Access. The Universal ID Card is linked to the library account of each card holder. Students, faculty, and staff can use the exact same card for access and other services to borrow books.

In addition, full banking service are available to card holders:

  • banking
  • utility payments
  • Payroll and scholarship programs
  • 2 % Interest on KG account for payroll
  • i-Banking services
  • E-wallet Services

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