Rules on booking and using campus lockers

The lockers are located on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floors of the campus and on the basement and mezzanine (mid floors) as well.

Students can take a locker anywhere and claim it unless it is reserved. A locker is considered reserved if:

  1. a padlock hung on it and,
  2. registered in Shared Service Center on your ID card.

There are not enough lockers for all students, so please share one locker with your classmate.


Lockers located in the shower area (basement) are not designed for permanent storage of your belongings!

According to the rules of AUCA, you can use lockers in the shower area only:

  1. while taking a shower
  2. and during your sport class

If you are not taking a shower and are not currently in the sports class, keeping things in shower locker is a flagrant violation and shall be a subject to disciplinary recovery up to dismissal from the university, if the violation is repeated.

P.S. In case of disregarding the rules of using shower lockers, your personal stuff will be removed from the lockers by cutting padlocks, and you will be able to take them up only in case of disciplinary recovery and restoration of the padlocks.

Additionally, AUCA administration is not responsible for your property in the box.

Lockers with padlocks which have not been registered at SSC will be considered as non reserved with padlocks being removed!

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