What is the Shared Service Center?

It is a new service implemented at AUCA. The purpose is to help you the best way possible. To serve you to answer your questions, advice you during your studies within our university and assist you in your administrative tasks.

Our goal is to become a premier service organization by fostering mutually respectful relationships with our customers via identification of needs, clear communication, and cooperation. In order to achieve successful outcomes we will encourage a culture of customer service by promoting integrity, expertise, and process innovation. In addition, we will encourage an environment of teamwork, training, and personal and professional development for SSC employees.

Our team is composed of some of the best people at their respective positions. Whether it’s Registrar/admissions, Human Resources, Finance, IT or Research Administration support, our staff is ready to assist in any way possible. The Shared Service Center team is eager to work collaboratively with units on campus to achieve their missions and develop deep relationships to ensure customers are satisfied.

We design this center with the philosophy to give you high quality standards as other Shared Service Centers operating in large and multinational companies.

Our objective is to provide you dedicated interlocutors that will know you, answer your needs and anticipate your questions. Our agents and stewards will be glad to welcome you and answer your questions every day.

The center will use the new technologies available to correspond to your lifestyle and habits. Your new ID card will be entirely integrated in the SSC, but not only. Your smartphones, tablets, laptops will be as many access points you will be able to use to contact us.


About the Shared Service Center

The Shared Service Center (SSC) was launched to support administrative streamlining AUCA and is aimed at establishing acceptable service experience in the life of our students, faculty and staff. 
The purpose is to help you the best way possible. It is a multi-functional center providing services in Registrar, Admissions, Human Resources, Finance, IT and Student Life.


The Shared Service Center is an administrative area dedicated to operational and customer service excellence. We will achieve this mission by utilizing technology, cultivating the skills of our staff and building strong relationships with our customers. We will operate our center understanding that we live in a competitive environment and our goal is to ensure our customer’s satisfaction. 


  • Client-oriented services (High quality services, flexibility, accountability);
  • Following-up all interactions between SSC and other parts;
  • International standards used for the design of the SSC;
  • Professional communications;
  • Time saving processes;
  • Accessibility using new technologies;
  • Providing superior and expanding services to students;
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of our business systems.


Our Values:

We take pride in our work and believe in the importance of having strong values to guide our actions.

SSC Team look to create and improve effectiveness and efficiencies in administrative operations and seek to lead in providing outstanding service.

We gladly accept the challenges and opportunities confronting us and understand that we must adapt and grow to meet the needs of our students. We will always focus on the horizon and how to best meet the evolving needs of our clients.


Our Core Competencies:

We are changing the way how AUCA does business. A key component of enabling this change is a transition in the way University employees work at AUCA Shared Service Center. At AUCA Shared Service Center, our people are our most valuable asset.

AUCA Shared Service Center is a best-in-class business service center that provides financial management and transactional processing services to schools and departments. We deliver superior business support so that faculty and staff can focus more of their efforts on their core mission and goals.

Satisfaction (Feedback):

At AUCA Shared Service Center we consistently work to satisfy our students’ needs and seek creative ways of exceeding expectations.

Our vision is to deliver services that support our lifestyle and communities. As part of our mission our students support is delivered through providing superior and expanding services.

Ensuring superior services through a collaborative approach is the basis for establishing and developing long term relationships with our students.


To help us achieve our mission and evaluate our performance, we periodically survey how our customers feel by forwarding a survey link or contact us.

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