January 4th, 2018 is the withdrawal day

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Dear Students,

AUCA hereby informs that January debiting of tuition fee will be on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at the exchange rate set by the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic on the 4th of January. Please deposit all necessary funds on your student ID-card balance prior to January 4 in accordance with chosen payment schedule of your study agreement.

We also remind that the ultimate result of non-payment of tuition fee for those students who fail to address the issue is dismissal. If the payment is not paid by the date of upcoming withdrawal (January 4), AUCA will initiate dismissal procedures.

Should you have questions feel free to contact us by visiting our office, room 244. Agents of Shared Service Center are ready to help you and can be reached at +996 (312)915000+286/288/289.

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